Go retro & vintage this spring with some fabulous finds at Bohemia

Step back in time with these stunning vintage Fox & Fluevog platform shoes…it is like wearing a piece of Vancouver’s fashion history! Each pair $125.

Add a little fun and colour to your spring and summer wardrobe with some sexy retro beach gear. Each piece around $35.

Looking for something a bit different but still feminine with a bit of flare…how about this pink corsette ($29.99)

Want to stand out at the prom or a charity gala…how about a beautiful vintage blue gown fro $125.

Need something a bit more casual for a day at the beach – go retro with jean overall shorts for $35.

And to dress things up a bit, why not try a long retro dress ($39.00) with jean vest ($25).

Don’t forget to go upstairs in the Loft and check out the latest spring fashions from ODP Designs. The dress above is from the Fall line and is on sale for $35.

Also in the loft you can find more vintage finds for both men and women. Need some green for St. Patrick’s day, check out this unique olive green nightgown from the 50’s for $49.95.


4 thoughts on “Go retro & vintage this spring with some fabulous finds at Bohemia

    1. Hi,

      They are just in the process of setting up an online store and will have all that information uploaded soon, but unfortunately those particular denim overalls have sold. Do check back to the online store section in the next few weeks and this process will all be a bit more streamlined.

      Let me know if you need anything else.


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