New Vintage Consignor in the Loft

Jann and Ashlee are thrilled to welcome Kelly Hannah to the Loft at Bohemia Gallery. Some of you may recognize Kelly as she has been in the business for over 16 years, first as a wholesaler and then in retail. Up until recently she had her storefront Solid Threads further up Main Street.

Over the years Kelly has established herself as an expert in period clothing and is known for many of her one-of-kind finds. Now in the Loft you can find her massive selection of classic vintage clothing for both men and women, along with unique belts, belt buckles and other vintage accessories. Most of her items are priced quite reasonably, anywhere from $20 to $100…and you can always make her an offer!

Here Kelly proudly shows off what she refers to as a “pink Ginger Rogers or Gilligan Island’s” dress. Perfect for the prom or any formal outing, this dress is being sold for $79.

Above, Kelly is holding a vintage three piece gray pinstriped suit for $89.

A favourite piece for Kelly is this 1960’s black beaded cat type suite/culottes for $85. Ideal for a variety of outings or for a “desperate housewives” or “valley of the dolls” moment at home!

Men’s shirts and vests are some of Kelly’s top sellers. Here we have a vintage Western shirt for $26 and a gray vest for $26.

With the addition of Kelly in the Loft, along side Karen Green from ODP designs, Bohemia Gallery now has an impressive collection of retro, vintage and designer clothing for both men and women. In fact, Bohemia probably has one of the largest selection of men’s clothing on consignment in the city (retro/vintage). And between Kelly, Jann, Ashlee and Karen you will also have access to one of the most knowledgeable crew on classic vintage and retro clothing…and all things fashionable.


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