Always in Fashion

Bohemia Galley Store FrontOne of Vancouver’s best kept consignment store secrets, Bohemia Gallery, welcomes local designer Karen Green, from ODP Designs, to The Loft. Jann Purcell, Bohemia’s owner, is thrilled to showcase ODP Designs and passionately believes that Karen’s designs are a perfect fit with her belief and life philosophy that “fashion is art”. Karen’s designs, all one-of-a kind pieces, are reconstructed from recycled clothing and fabric and reflect her love of all things unique and beautiful. Knowing no boundaries, Karen’s designs create cultural connections by mixing fabrics and fusing them in the most unexpected and exciting ways.

Together, Jann and Karen are no strangers to the fashion industry, between them they have over 40 years experience.Bohemia Gallery 2009 cropped shot Jann has worked 20 years in fashion retail and opened Bohemia Gallery in 2004 with her daughter Ashlee. Five years later, with her son Jason and his wife Taryn now part of the business, they have expanded the store to include the upstairs portion, called The Loft, and have over 3000 square feet of retail space. With a blend of contemporary, retro and vintage clothing and accessories for both men and women, their store can best be described as “boho chic meets retro crazy.”

Bohemia Gallery store shots HeaderKaren started designing her own clothing at an early age and created her own distinctive look – first for herself and then for her children. Eventually her passion for fashion led her to start her own fashion line – ODP Designs. With the loving support of her family, Karen has grown her fashion line to include everything from reconstructed sweaters and kilts to beautiful wedding gowns that are crafted from a unique multi-cultural mix of fabric.


3 thoughts on “Always in Fashion

  1. Hi there.

    I was wondering if you can point me in the right direction. My name is Becca and I have been searching for some time for a job as a picker in a vintage warehouse. Not gonna lie, this is kind of my dream job at the moment. I spend as much of my free time as I can, elbow deep in used clothing sections of Salvation Armies, and it is physically impossible for me to pass a charity shop without poking my little nose inside.

    The problem? I have absolutely NO idea how one goes about finding one of these jobs. Is there a secret club to join? Or a tattoo I can have emblazoned on my forearm? How can I get access into my fantasy world of large, dirty, crowded warehouses overflowing with used, smelly apparel ? My keen eye longs to be put to use for the masses.

    If you have any sort of information you would be able to share with me on anything related I would forever be in your debt.

    Thanks for your time!

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